From a small dream of pharmacists who wanted to have a pharmacy shop completely managed on their own…

Since the implementation of the 1968 Drug Act, pharmacy shops have proliferated throughout the country. In order to negotiate drug prices to be lower, pharmacists sharing the same objective grouped together using the name "Community Pharmacists" in the Pharmaceutical Association of Thailand and set up a distributor to service members of the group with lower price. With the same ideology and broad vision to meet the needs of consumers who want both quality and affordable pharmaceuticals, Community Pharmacy Company was therefore established.

At present, the company has a registered capital of 140 million Bahts.

Community Pharmacy PCL is a market leader in selling to pharmacy shops that are owned by pharmacists. The company produce and sell pharmaceuticals of international quality to pharmacy shops, hospitals and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization at a fair price with its own brand. At present, the company has more than 100 drugs in the market and many drugs that are in the Research and Development process. The company has a goal to produce at least 30 new drugs to the market per year and to expand the product type from modern medicine to cosmetic products.

Community Pharmacy Public Company Limited has been entrusted to be the manufacturer for many well-known organizations. The main policy is to produce "good quality standard medicine". The company therefore gives importance to the selection of good quality raw materials and to be strict in every production process.

To be a professional organization that is committed to producing and distributing quality medicines for the benefits of all branches of pharmacists.
Business Objectives
1. To provide support and delivery of quality medicine to all branches of pharmacists.
2. To make profits for the organization.
3. To enhance the image of the organization with a focus on research and development.
Quality Policies
1. We are committed to develop quality management system in order to achieve results that meet international standards.
2. Develop and improve the quality of our employees in all aspects.
3. Improve operational processes continuously to provide customers with satisfaction in quality, price, service and new products.
Quality Objectives
In order to successfully achieve the Quality Policies, Community Pharmacy PCL therefore sets the Quality Objectives into 3 points as follows:
1. From the customer angle, there should be satisfaction indicators and reduced complaints from the relevant departments including Marketing, Accounting, Production, Quality Assurance, Research and Development, Quality Management Representative, Managing Director and other departments involved. This is done by issuing questionnaires and concluding to do further improvement
2. From the internal process angle, there are indicators from the Quality Objectives of each department to be reported, clarified and updated progress on every month at the Steering Committee meeting in order to achieve the goals.
3. From the learning and development angle, there are indicators of internal communication, awareness and staff participation. These are used to measure organizational effectiveness in all departments and summarize operation results to the Management Review to be guidelines for continuous improvement.